Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thankful for Ruthie

Six Months
Two Years

(May 23rd was Ruthie's 8th birthday.  I was having trouble with this blog, so just today I'm posting my gratitude post from last Friday.)

Monday was Ruthie's birthday, and I'm so thankful that the Lord saw fit to give her to me!!  I'm not sure if you read my post about Gregory, but as much as Gregory is like me, Ruthie is not.  Ruthie takes after Gary to an unbelievable degree!  She's quiet and pensive.  She's long and lanky.  She prefers vanilla over chocolate, and she calls Mary "honey", just liker her dad and grandpa! She's also as low maintenance as the day is long (a good balance to the other two!!)!  She's a beauty in every sense of the word, and I am so blessed. 

Happy Birthday, dear sweet Ruthie!!  I love you!!

Eight Years
Five Years


  1. Laura, What a precious post for an adorable girl. We all need to pause and appreciate our blessings. ❤ Laurie Whiteman