Friday, August 20, 2010


I feel like I should write some about our vacation to Florida, especially in light of my previous post In the Moment.   We went to Carillon Beach, which is a planned beach community between Panama City and Seaside.  Each way we spent 12 hours actually driving, and split it up with a hotel stay in Nashville.  We rented a house that was about a block from the beach, and across the street from the pool, playground and tennis courts.  We had beautiful weather and a wonderful time!
I tried very hard while we were there to soak in my surroundings, and to bask in this precious time spent with my family.  We didn't do much while we were there, other than swim, play and eat, but that was exactly what we all needed.  I kept thinking to myself, "I feel like I'm living a MasterCard commercial." 
Rented Beach House: $$$
100 gallons of sun screen: $
Food for a family of 5 for a week: $$
The joy on the kids' faces from hours at the beach & undivided attention from parents:  Priceless

How to Become a Famous Blogger

I got this link from my brother's blog Blue Sox Baseball, which you should also check out, but here's all you need to know about How to Become a Famous Blogger.

Friday, August 06, 2010

In the Moment

Last week it started raining while I was running.  I ran the last mile in the rain, with the sky threatening a serious storm!  It was an exhilarating experience!  Amazing, really.  I was running hard (to beat the storm), with my favorite music blasting in my ears, and the rain coming down on me.  I felt so very present, right in that moment.  All of me experienced the adrenaline, the noise, and the rain on my skin.

How many times can we say that we are fully present in one experience?  As moms, my friends and I often laugh that we are never able to finish a conversation when our kids are present.  I can't tell you the number of times I've had to call or email a friend, because I realized later that when we were together we started a conversation that we never finished.  How can I be fully present in the moments of my life, when I can't even complete a conversation?  On the other hand, how can I not be?  I know that life is short.  I know that my kids are only young once, but I often find myself wishing away the hours, days, and even years (i.e. "If I can just get through this day.", "Summer is ALMOST OVER!", "I'll enjoy the pool more next summer when Mary is older.", "When Mary starts school..." etc.).  I have to figure out a way to truly cherish the time that I have with each one my kids, even in the midst of trying to manage all three of them at once.  At this stage in my life, is it possible to fully present in these precious moments? Any thoughts?  Suggestions?