Friday, June 17, 2011

Thankful for Mary

Three months
Yesterday was Mary's 3rd birthday.  I don't even know where to start when it comes to describing Mary.  She's so different than my other kids.  She is just her own person!  Gregory is so much like me, and Ruthie is so much like Gary, and Mary is just so much... well, like Mary!!  She's energetic and out-going.  She's independent and stubborn.  And she's funny!  She is seriously so funny!  Gary likes to describe her as, "the star of her own show".  I'll give you a few examples:
One year

* When Gregory and Ruthie were in a school performance, they were on stage with a huge group of kids.  Mary couldn't find them on stage.  She turned to me, very worried, and said, "Oh No!  Our kids are missing!"

*Mary and I went to Gary's office to meet him for lunch.  On the way, we talked about what we were doing, but when we got off the elevator, Gary walked toward us, and Mary said to him, "Hey!  What are YOU doing here?"

*We met a dog at the local coffee shop.  Mary said, "Hi Doggie.  Do you do tricks?  Because I do tricks." She then proceeded to spend the next 5 minutes showing the dog all her tricks!

*Her favorite expression is, "What the heck?"  I have to tell you, it's so funny, coming from a 2 year old.  Sometimes now she shortens it to "What the...?" and that's even funnier!
Two years

*When we ask her to do things (like give us hugs) and she doesn't feel like it, she says, "No, I can't.  My batteries are broken."

*When the sun is in her eyes, or water from the bath gets in them, she'll squeeze her eyes tight and scream, "I can't see my eyes!  I can't see my eyes!"

*Yesterday she wanted to go to McDonald's for dinner, and she said, "Can we got to Old McDonald had a farm?"

Mary's a hoot and we all adore her!  I'm so thankful that she is the child who completed our family!

Almost three years

Happy Birthday, Mare-zee Pie!  You make my heart swell!


  1. Love it! Mary sounds like a delightful person to know, even when her batteries are low! We are a family that is so glad to have a third child as well. I'm glad we did! Now he is the only one at home with us, at least for three more years:) Happy Birthday Miss Mary of great character!

  2. Thanks, Pam!! Time flies, doesn't it?? Blessings to you!

  3. Of course, and yes it does fly, hold on tight! Blessings to you as well and Happy Anniversary!

  4. Precious!!!! I will have to say...Mary makes an impression on you! Just a few days ago, we were in a restaurant, and we heard a child a few booths away, and Jack said, "That sounds like Mary!" :-)
    We loved meeting her last summer! (and your bigger kids, who were way bigger than the last time we saw them1)
    Love you, Piersons...and happy birthday to all of you, minus mama! (we have the same situation in the spring)

  5. Oh, Jenny, I wish you could see her now! She's even more herself (I know that makes sense to you!). Love you guys too!