Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Preview Addendum

Winter's BoneI'm writing a quick addendum to my Oscar Preview post, because last night I watched Winter's Bone.  Jennifer Lawrence gave a convincing performance as Ree, a poor rural Missouri teenager, caring for her younger siblings and sick mother, while trying to find her missing father, who has put their family home in jeopardy. (whew!) This movie is lead by mostly little-known actors, and includes several inexperienced actors from the rural Missouri town where the movie was filmed.  While I was impressed with the performances, I was a little confused by the story (both the plausibility and the flow).  I'm really glad I saw this intriguing movie, but in my opinion, it doesn't quite stand up to the other films on the list.   John Hawkes is nominated in the supporting actor category for his role as Ree's uncle.  While I have a soft place in my heart for him because of his LOST days, and I enjoyed his performance, I'm still only torn between Christian Bale and Geoffrey Rush. (BTW, I'm leaning toward Rush).

I'd still love to hear your thoughts, and the Oscar coverage starts in 1 hour!! Woo Hoo!

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