Friday, May 14, 2010

Lower the Bar, Ladies!

This is a great article entitled, "Lowering the Bar: When bad mothers give us hope". It speaks to me about the very subjects that I blog about here. The author writes, "Today, women no longer need to escape their families to work or be happy—now they need to escape their own unrealistic expectations of what a good mother is." And, "Haven't millions of years of evolution already determined that the vast bulk of mothers would sever their heads with an ax to protect their offspring? Enough. If you love your kids and are doing your best, if they are alive, safe, and sane, then your mind should simply be at ease." There you have it. My goal for the next week is to stop my whinin', do my best to love and care for my kids, and put my mind at ease.

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  1. Thank you, Laura. I am happy to read a post by someone I respect so much that speaks to a different perspective. I am currently trying to decide whether or not to accept a full-time, rather than a part-time position. I'll keep thinking and praying, but appreciate your encouragement. I'm also a Mommy with a Masters.