Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bad News Babes

We had a great game last night!  We had a lot of fun and we scored 6 runs (I think it was 6)!  I survived the night without getting hurt or humiliated, so I count that as a personal victory. In my two at-bats, I walked once and got one hit.  One of those times (I can't remember which one) I ended up scoring a run.  In the field, I played center right, and played it tight behind second base.  I stopped several balls from drifting too far into the outfield, and threw one woman out at second.  I caught a fly ball (!!!!), which may seem routine, but with me, you just can't be sure!  As a team we were able to get strings of hits in a couple of the innings (thus the 6 runs), and in the final inning we got the batters out 1 -2 -3!  GO BABES!

Our kids had fun.  Gregory's friend, Grace, made signs for us, and Gregory, Grace and Ruthie were the bat boy and girls.  My favorite part of that was how they kept track of each bat's performance.  As we each got ready to hit, they advised us as to which bats to use, based on which ones were responsible for the most hits in previous at-bats! :)

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