Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mommy with a Masters

There's a certain amount of angst that goes along with being a master's degree holding stay at home mom! I realize that in writing this blog from that perspective, I am narrowing my audience, but it somehow feels like the thing I need to do. Maybe it's my need to stretch my brain in trying to creatively convey my thoughts. Maybe it's my need to express these thoughts to a group of (what I assume to be) adult readers. Maybe it's just because I need to do something that doesn't have to do with housework or baby care or Zooreka or homework or meal-making. (Ok, I DO see the irony! Of course, when I write a blog called Mommy with a Masters, the posts will mostly be about housework and baby care and playing games and creative cooking. Somehow writing about these things seems creative and mind-stretching! I guess we'll see.)

There are days when I want nothing more than to get a "real" job! Sometimes it's because I feel neither appreciated nor respected by my three young employers. Other days I feel the pull toward outside employment when I can't do the math problems on my 3rd grader's homework. Those are the days when I wonder if my brain has turned to mush slowly over the last 9 years, or if it happened all at once and I just didn't notice. There are the days when I just really want to put my social work skills to work to help people. I know that pouring my time and energy into raising loving, caring, good citizens is important, but there are many times when it feels like I'm doing nothing to contribute to the well-being of society. And, lastly, there are times when I just LONG for lunch in the teacher's lounge (I was a school social worker) with my colleagues. Really. I never really realized how precious those 20 minutes of sitting around, chewing every bite, and having uninterrupted conversations really was!! Sometimes that's the only reason I want to work outside my house!

This is the beginning of my journey of blogging through the angst I feel in these days and nights of loving and appreciating the fact that I am a stay at home mom, while also struggling with the lack of mental stimulation and adult interaction.


  1. love that you are doing this! keep blogging! i'll be reading.

  2. i, also, will be reading! ... love my blogging friends! thanks for sharing your life!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Boj & Biff!

  4. Laura, you are wonderful and what you are doing with those three precious angels will pay off huge rewards. Trust me on this, been there, done that! I can not stress how important this job is, most important one you will ever have. Very long term project!

    Love you and keep it up, you are great. I miss you guys so much.


  5. Dear Sonya, you always have and always will give me HOPE!

  6. Since neither of us like talking on the phone - I love that I get to get inside your head thru this new blog!! Yeah!! Keep writing . .some of your first entry came right out of my head and heart . . thanks for the encouragement that I am not in this alone - although I do not have a Masters :o)

  7. I should've mentioned that this blog is for all mommies -- masters or no! :)

  8. Hi Laura! I'm enjoying your blog! : ) Don't worry--Mommy joy/frustration has a large audience!

  9. Your title for your blog is so wonderful! I am in awe of it and the entries I have read. I admire you for your idea and your persistence in fleshing it out.
    I know you will give new life to many in your circumstances by naming their world--a sure root to understanding and mastering their circumstance. I do not know if you have read Pablo Freiri's book (the title excapes me now aloong with how to spell his name) but I was influenced by him in my teaching.
    Teaching is primarily helping people name their world in order to make sense of it.
    God started out Adam on the very same page.
    Grandfather with two masters!